Getting Back Deleted Files

Convenience Process to Get Back Files Deleted Permanently

Our system’s hard drive has a huge storage capacity and holds loads of data files or information. Sometimes they get overfilled, but then we decide to delete some of the old and unimportant contents that were already stored in the hard disk drive so as to make some space that can be used by the new files. This is common with all the users of Windows and Mac PC. If you are restlessly trying to find out ways to get back files deleted permanently from your system’s partition or volumes then you must make use of a reliable third party data recovery process. What if you get a software that is OS independent and at the same time is capable to recover deleted files not only from system’s storage devices bus also can perform an USB Stick deleted file restoration process proficiently.

You may end up deleting files from your computer, when you are working in it by accidentally formatting a wrong hard disk partition or volumes, emptying the Recycle Bin / Trash Bin, performing permanent deletion using the DOS prompt or Terminal Point keys and many other reasons. Sometimes your storage media or your system becomes vulnerable as they get infected by strong and suspicious malwares. Though the Mac machines do not get easily infected due to virus issues but it is most common issues of Windows users that they lose often their important data files because of it. And also your treasured folders may also get deleted forever while running an anti virus scan program. At this situation you are left with the option to use a recovery program that is malware free, performs a thorough and deep scan and is also compatible with both Mac and Windows system.

If ever you have deleted your files permanently and is eagerly waiting to get them back, you should not worry as all the folders and files that you have deleted earlier is not erased out of your system forever until and unless they gets overwritten. Read article for Windows recovery here.

Amazing Features of This Toolkit-

This application is great at restoring all type of deleted files from Windows XP, Vista, 3, 7 and 8 and at the same time it also supports recovery from all the Mac machine editions. It has an easy to understand user interface. It can instantly find out more than 280 different file types based on their file type, size and date of modification. It is also possible to view a hierarchical structure of the files that are recovered.

Prevention Measures-

It is advised to the users that whenever they perform permanent deletion functionality on their files or folders they should recheck the files that they have selected to delete. It is always better to keep a backup of all the important files and folders. It is a wise move to keep your antivirus updated so that file does not get deleted by virus or malwares.

When to Use This Recovery Application?

Here we shall look into few circumstances that can lead to severe deletion of files and folders from your storage devices.

Volume / Partition Conversion Error- Generally our partitions or volumes gets corrupted when the process of converting the volumes or partitions from basic to dynamic or vice versa gets interrupted all of a sudden due to power failure as system halts. In these cases you need to undelete files from your Windows and Mac machines immediately. Visit the URL: for complete details on Mac deleted data retrieval.

Deletion Due to Logical Error- Problems such as OS crash, software conflicts, and corruption of storage devices all of a sudden leads to severe deletion of contents from it, which further results in data file loss. These problems are generally caused due to logical error.

Unintentional / Imprudent Formatting- We generally opt to format drives when they are either infected by virus or when they show up errors alerts stating “Drive needs to be formatted”. Even sometimes faulty format action results into severe file deletion from the particular data and folders.

Other Reasons behind deletion of files are-

  • Emptying the Recycle Bin / Trash Bin
  • Recycle Bin Bypass Issues
  • Imprudent Deletion
  • Deleting files using the MS-DOS command prompt or Mac Terminal Point keys.

How to Install This Rescue Utility?

  • In order to get back permanently deleted files from your personal computer or external storage media, download this application and run it on your system. Later from the main screen as shown in Figure 1, you need select the option "Recover Files" and proceed further.
  • Main Screen

    Figure 1

  • From the new window that pops up as shown below in Figure 2, user need to select the option "Recover Deleted Files" and click on the next button to move ahead.
  • Second Screen

    Figure 2

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out similar to the one shown in Figure 3, you have to select a particular drive from which they want to recover deleted files. In case of external storage card user can click on the option Memory card.
  • Drive Selection

    Figure 3

  • As displayed in Figure 4, once the particular drive is selected, a thorough scan randomly checks for all the deleted items and restores it back in a new location.User here can preview the file type after the recovery process is over either in "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and hence if satisfied with the recovery process can save the retrieved file.
  • Preview

    Figure 4