Getting Back Deleted Files

Recovering Deleted Files from USB Stick after Faulty File Transfer

USB Sticks also known as USB flash drives, memory sticks are external storage device. An USB Stick can be accessed on our personal computer by connecting it to the USB port. USB sticks or drives are being manufactured by different big brand that includes the big names like- SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Maxtor, Western Digital, PNY, Sony etc. USB flash drives have different shapes and sizes based on their storage capacity. Since these devices are portable and can be easily carried out to any places hence there are maximum chances of data deletion from these storage media devices. These flash devices can be used to accommodate files like Word documents, archives, digital media files and folders etc. Earlier days when files went missing from these drives, recovering deleted files from USB sticks were a serious matter of concern. But now, you must thanks the advanced technology as you can easily undeleted particular files that you delete unintentionally. Even retrieval of permanently deleted files from external storage devices like HDD, pen drives, memory cards, flash drives, memory sticks are possible now.

Assume you are transferring the recent team activity photos of your office from USB drive to your desktop’s hard disk drive. But the worst takes place when you lose all those image files as you imprudently clicked on the “Delete” option after selecting the “Cut” option. Since USB sticks are external storage drives hence anything deleted from it are not accommodated in the Recycle Bin but instead they are bypassed by the Recycle Bin. Hence it becomes most important for the user to perform the transferring function very carefully. This can also be with your Mac machines when you move files or folders from internal drives to external drives or vice versa. Visiting the page can prove to be useful to you.

What is Unique about This USB Stick Recovery Process?

This application supports nearly all the different brands of USB flash drives or sticks such as HP, Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, PNY etc.

It can retrieve more than 280 different types of files based on their size, creation date and file size without even modifying the original data file. After the restoration process gets over, the rescued files are stored in a new destination folder.

It also supports recovery of files and folders from SATA, IDE and SCSI hard drives from both Windows and Mac computers. There is also option to preview the files based on “Data Type View” or “File Type View”.

Mandatory Steps to be Maintained-

Since USB sticks are external drives henceforth, anything that user deletes from it are not dumped into the system's Recycle Bin or Trash Bin. It is advised to the users that whenever they perform deletion operation on their files or folders they should recheck the files that they have selected to delete. It is always better to keep a backup of all the important files and folders. It is a wise move to keep your antivirus updated sothat file does not get deleted by virus or malwares.

Common Reasons behind Deletion of Files from USB Sticks-

  • Your files and information from your tiny portable drives may gets deleted when you make a faulty file transfer process while moving or copying files from one drive to another.
  • Another reason behind file deletion can be unintentionally ending up deleting a really important file or folder instead of some unimportant files. This can also take place when user selects multiple files at a time to delete and in this process they may select a precious or confidential file and perform the delete operation in it.
  • Thirdly, external storage devices should always be removed using the icon “Safely Remove Drive”. When drives are ejected out abruptly there is always chance of file deletion from it.
  • Finally, since these USB sticks are used by innumerable people on the same computer or the same flash drive is used in too many computers, they often get infected by suspicious spyware. To get rid of such strong virus, user runs an anti virus program. The antivirus program deletes the infected files and folders. If any of your preserved folders is infected, they too get removed.

You can navigate the page Windows data restoration for elaborate explanation of all the process.

Complete Installation Guide-

  • In order undelete data and informations from USB sticks you must first connect it to your system after the installation of the application gets over. Later from the main screen as shown in Figure 1, you need select the option "Recover Files" and proceed further.
  • Main Screen

    Figure 1

  • From the new window that pops up as shown below in Figure 2, user need to select the option "Recover Deleted Files" and click on the next button to move ahead.
  • Second Screen

    Figure 2

  • Once you click the next button, a new screen pops out similar to the one shown in Figure 3, you have to select a particular drive from which they want to recover deleted files. Since USB Sticks are external storage drives hence user needs to click on the option Memory card.
  • Drive Selection

    Figure 3

  • As displayed in Figure 4, once the particular drive is selected, a thorough scan randomly checks for all the deleted items and restores it back in a new location.User here can preview the file type after the recovery process is over either in "Data Type View" or "File Type View" and hence if satisfied with the recovery process can save the retrieved file.
  • Preview

    Figure 4